What's the Deal with Key West's claim to be the Southernmost Point in the United States?



a) They qualify their claim with "Continental" but it's hard to dispute that Key West is geologically separated from the North American continent.
Key West can claim to be the southernmost town in the contiguous 48 states however.


b) Hawaii , the 50th State of our Union, and its capital lies a full 360 miles south of Key West. (Coincidentally, Key West is surrounded on all four sides by water, just like Hawaii)


c) The "Dry Tortugas" which are a Florida State Park are 22 miles south of Key West


Here are a few actual "Southernmost" facts
Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, Antarctica (90°0′0″S 0°0′0″E) - southernmost point under United States jurisdiction
Rose Atoll, American Sāmoa (14°34′11″S 168°9′10″W) — southernmost point in all U.S. territory
Ka Lae, Hawaiʻi (18°54′39″N 155°40′52″W) — southernmost point in the 50 states
Nā'ālehu, Hawai'i (19°3′57″N 155°35′15″W) — southernmost town in the 50 states
Western Dry Rocks, Florida (24°26.8′N 81°55.6′W) — In the Florida Keys - southernmost point in the 48 contiguous states occasionally above water at low tide
Ballast Key, Florida (24°31′15″N 81°57′49″W) — southernmost point in the 48 contiguous states continuously above water
Cape Sable, Florida (25°7′6″N 81°5′11″W) — southernmost point on the U.S. mainland
Key West, Florida — the southernmost city in the 48 contiguous states
Miami, Florida — the southernmost major metropolitan city in the 48 contiguous states

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